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Are your garage door springs creak when you try to operate your door opener? Is there any visible damage, or do they look broken? You may have a garage door spring that needs to be replaced. 

A garage door spring is one of the important moving parts of the garage door. Also, they are extremely dangerous when they fail to work. When the garage door is used with damaged or broken springs, the chances are that parts of the spring can fly off at high speeds and cause injuries to you and your property.

Thus, it becomes necessary to replace the broken garage door spring. This will prevent your garage door from falling and avoid any damage to the car or the garage.

When you decide to replace your broken garage door springs, you should always call a professional in your area. Pineville Garage Doors offers fast and affordable garage door spring replacement in Pineville, NC

We are serving the citizens of Pineville, NC for years and we continue to serve them with our quality garage door spring replacement services. To get your broken garage door springs replaced by professionals, call us on 704-817-3905 and schedule an appointment.

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Why do garage door springs break, and what to do when they break?

Your garage door springs do pretty much hard work to keep your garage door moving. However, with use, it faces normal wear and tear. Also, a garage door spring holds a level of tension that keeps the garage door working. It also has a life span after which it can get damaged or broken with constant use. There are several reasons that can break the garage door springs.

The springs faces wear and tear

The most common reason for garage door spring failure is the wear and tear it faces. On average, a garage door spring can work for 10,000 cycles. One cycle means the garage door going up and down. 

Every garage door is used differently. It is used any number of times a day. However, if you keep using your garage door frequently, the daily cycles can add up a lot faster.

Thus, if you see that your garage door spring is damaged, you should immediately contact a professional. Pineville Garage Doors is the best option if you are searching for low garage door spring replacement costs in Pineville, NC.

When your garage door springs start rusting

If any rust develops on the garage door spring, its lifespan will be shortened. The reason being, rust increases the friction on coils of the springs while it moves back and forth. Also, the corrosion on the garage door springs will weaken the coils and may lead to its failure. 

Pineville Garage Doors experts suggest you keep on lubricating your garage door springs. This can avoid rusting the springs. However, if your garage door springs experience high corrosion, you should get them replaced by our professionals.

Improper maintenance of the garage door springs

All garage door springs will eventually fail. However, good and timely maintenance can add value to the springs. When you follow a regular maintenance routine, it can alert you about the failure of your garage door springs.

Pineville Garage Doors professionals suggest you regularly conduct the maintenance of your garage door. This can prevent the destructive breaking of the garage door springs.

However, if still your garage door springs get damaged, you can contact Pineville Garage Doors 24/7.

garage door spring replacement pineville nc

Our team of professionals is ever ready to help you with your garage door springs replacement. Our technicians will replace the springs with utmost care and ensure that your garage door spring is working efficiently.

Call us today at 704-817-3905 for cost-effective and professional garage door spring replacement in Pineville, NC.

The best garage door spring replacement company around you - Everything you need to know about Pineville Garage Doors

Pineville Garage Doors has been providing efficient and reliable garage door spring replacement services in Pineville, NC

We believe in the power of our technicians. It is because of their expertise and skills that we have come to this extent. We are trusted by thousands of citizens of Pineville, NC and their trust in our services is the reason behind our success.

We work dedicatedly to serve all our customers with our friendly and positive attitude. We work hard for any service we provide because we understand the importance of a garage door in your home!

We are fast as well as efficient

At Pineville Garage Doors, quality is always a priority but doing the work within time is necessary. We assure to provide quality garage door torsion spring replacement services in Pineville, NC

We are the experts of the industry

With years of experience in rendering garage door services, we are the experts. We have deep knowledge, and expertise in solving all kinds of garage door sprung issues.

We keep you safe

Garage door spring replacement is a risky task, but our experts will replace them efficiently, keeping your safety as priority. With our services, you can avoid any future damage to your property.

As a leading garage door company in Pineville, NC, we always work with a motive to satisfy our customers. Customer satisfaction keeps us motivated, and we continue to provide high-quality services to all.

To learn more about our garage door spring replacement services, call us now on 704-817-3905.

Garage Door Spring Replacement - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I replace the garage door springs on my own?

Replacing the garage door springs on your own can be risky. As the springs hold a high amount of tension, they can hurt you. You should always call a professional for garage door spring replacement.

What is the cost of a garage door spring replacement?

The cost of the garage door spring may vary from door to door and the kind of spring you install. Call Pineville Garage Doors on 704-817-3905 to know the charges and for professional garage door spring replacement.

Call us now 704.817.3905 and avail of the service benefits.

For any more queries related to garage door springs installation, repair, or maintenance, you can always call us at 704.817.3905. We also provide 24-hour emergency services to our customers.